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Hire a Tulsa plumber for plumbing installation

Infinity Plumbing Services provides installation services for Tulsa homeowners. Here and in the surrounding areas, we are the expert plumbers you need to install new appliances and equipment. Anything that is tied to your plumbing line should be handled by a professional. There is a lot at risk for anyone trying to “DIY”: you could easily upset delicate pressure balances or water flow.

Most appliances are also tied into your electrical systems. To ensure that you are getting the most efficient configuration (and saving money each month on your power bill!), schedule one of our expert plumbers. We will work with you to make sure that your plumbing installation goes according to plan.


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Plumbing Installation Services Features

When you schedule plumbing installation with Infinity Plumbing Services, you can be sure that you are getting white glove service plus some!

Plumbing Installation Services Benefits

Plumbing installation services with us include a host of additional benefits that make your life as a Tulsa homeowner easier.

When Do You Need Professional Plumbing Installation?

There are several plumbing installation jobs that only a pro should do. Here are some examples:

Often, you can discover if a newly-bought appliance requires expert installation by contacting the manufacturer. In many cases, if you try to do it yourself, you can actually void the manufacturer’s warranty. 

In addition to these professional plumbing jobs, full plumbing inspections and regular maintenance can definitely increase the life of the appliances and systems in your home.

When you hire Infinity Plumbing Services, we have the professional knowledge to attend to all of your plumbing installation needs. Our teams will follow all of the important steps to keep your family safe, minimize disruption to your home and maximize efficiency.

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Residential Plumbing Installation in Tulsa

The many vital plumbing systems in your home should only be installed by an expert. Infinity Plumbing Services has years of experience and highly-trained teams. We understand how to install all basic appliances and systems that connect to your plumbing.

All of our processes are carried out with an eye for detail and professionalism. Whether your home is old or new, we can help you understand the best options as you upgrade or install new plumbing items. This includes everything from sinks to toilets to hot water heaters.

We specialize in some services, including products that integrate with your gas line. This and many other things set us apart from other Tulsa plumbers. We are proud of our outstanding reputation as residential plumbers in the area.

When you need to hire a plumber for residential plumbing installation in Tulsa or the surrounding areas, contact us.

Commercial Plumbing Installation in Tulsa

If you have a business, we understand how important your plumbing is. After all, at Infinity Plumbing Services, we are business owners too. Family owned and operated, we have performed commercial plumbing installation in many local companies. It’s our pleasure to work with small business owners and perform light commercial plumbing work.

When you need to hire a plumber for commercial plumbing installation in Tulsa or the surrounding areas, contact us.

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